Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to do selective coloring with

I can't figure it out and I can't find a tutorial for it. If anyone can explain, in laymans terms what to do, please help! Thank you so much!!!How to do selective coloring with
The simplest method is to do the following:

Use the selection tools to select everything that you want to be Black and White. You can select small portions of an image at a time and add those selections together by holding down the ';ctrl'; key as you do it.

Then, simply click Layers -%26gt; Adjustment -%26gt; Black and White

Sometimes however, it is easier to select everything that you want in color. You can do the same as above, but before you adjust it to black and white, click on Edit -%26gt; Invert Selection. This will select everything except what you currently have selected.

Using the Ctrl Key for selections, and the Invert selection tool are invaluable.How to do selective coloring with Help,…

you would select area with lasso tool, invert selection and desaturate with hue/ saturation, or duplicate layer, change color to b%26amp;w, then erase over,

Selection Tools…

Recolor Tool…

Its simple with photoshop...with have your original image as layer 1, then copy that layer, and change layer 2 to black and white, or desaturate..which ever works best for you. After you have changed the layer to black and white, you should now have a b/W layer, and a Color layer.

Select your BW layer, and erase where you want the color to show through. I have attached a sample of one of my recent pics. Take it easy

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