Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How do I change my headshot's backround with

I have a headshot,but i need to change its backround...What tools do I use?Could you give me the steps on how to do this using

Or Would one of you be kind enough to do it for me?If i send you it?I know this sounds desperate,but i really have to get it done in terms of marketing.Thank you for your help!How do I change my headshot's backround with
Use the Magic Tool along with the Tolerance tool to remove the background. Do any Ctrl + to enlarge image to make sure all background you want removed is gone. Use Eraser and Size tools if need be to get the stuff you missed.

Go to Layers and add a new layer. Select color you want for background color. Use paint Bucket tool and paint color onto entire layer. Click the Layer Palette and send Layer to back. Doublecheck for any remnants of old background you may have missed.

That's a quick synopsis. probably left out something, but you should get the idea.


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