Friday, January 8, 2010

How do i cut a part of my picture in Paint.NET?

i have one picture, but i only like a part of it. how do i just cut it and make a picture out of it? in this picture are me and my friend, but i would like to cut the part with me so i can put it for my profile picture on facebook, etc. but how? on my older paint it workedHow do i cut a part of my picture in Paint.NET?
if you chose paints to do this,

1-click the dotted lined bokin your tools box .( it is located a the top left. once you click it,)

2- make the box as big as you want or as close to you as possible to cut our your friend.

3-right click your mouse on the box you created and click copy.

4-press delete and go to file and press new. do not save current project.

5-Then click (ctrl and V) the picture will be there. Make sure that if the picture is smaller that the one you just pasted to adjust it to the side of you new pic or you'll see white all around the pic.

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